Fàbriques (2024)
In the effervescent Catalan cultural scene, an accelerating process of gentrification threatens to push back the population from access to grassroots artistic productions. A portrait of the Fàbriques de Creació, a project focused on turning abandoned factories into cultural centers.
Esta Não é a Minha Casa (2024)
This is Not My Home
João was born in the city of Porto, more specifically at Rua de Aníbal Cunha. 60 years later João spends his days on the same street where he grew up, now on the sidewalk in front of his old building. Between the struggle for survival and the attachment to the place he knows as home, João keeps his routine of watching the small world that unfolds in downtown Porto.
Querida Quarentena (2020)
Dear Quarantine
Three classmates stuck at home decide to write a visual letter to the quarantine as if it was a character itself. In this letter they expose their reflections upon all the feelings that these times evoke; the fear of change, the nostalgia, the real meaning of "saudade" and the curiosity about what is coming next.