Carnaval, ontem (2024)
"Brazil begins when Carnaval ends." Based on this popular saying, this intimate portrait project recreates the visceral relationship between the Carnaval and the cycle of life, expressed from the genesis of the costumes to the post-party spiritual hangover.  Here, colours give way to textures and details, each sequin, each feather, a silent testimony to the multifaceted identities and emotions that fuel the chaos and delirium below the equator.
In this project, Carnival becomes more than a celebration - it's a microcosm of life itself.
Hiraeth (2020)
Memory is what keep us from drowning in the non-existence. To reminisce time spent with someone through the pieces of memory left by them is, a priori, to save them from the void. Thus, to remember is in fact, to generate life. This process of generating life through aiming your thought on what does not exist any longer is Hiraeth. Hiraeth is the fuel of life.
ATAR (2019)
Fishermen's nets are the main subject of this project. Their magnitude and the responsibility that each one has on this work tool is written in every trace, callus, scar and history of the people. Traps for fish but at the same time a brutal analogy to the family ties so characteristic of these people. This project documents the changing times in the lives of Vila do Conde's fishermen.
Entre los escombros no estás (2019)
The incessant search for the idealized other takes us to the limit in this mini project carried out at La Escocesa, in Barcelona.